Introspective Networks has over 100 years of combined Software, Telecommunications and Business experience on our team. This puts us in a unique position to deliver a universal and powerful Cyber Security and IoT platforms.  We take an Applied Science approach to all of our solutions.

What else makes us different?

  • We offer two Patented Technologies specifically developed for Network Cyber Security and Industrial IoT processing. 

  • STOP Network Cyber Security the only technology providing Moving Target Defense encrypting data with uncrackable encryption 
  • IoT and Network Cyber Security are essentially a telecom and networking domain, and we excel at it. 

  • Our Framework Provides exactly what you need to grow your IoT digital ecosystem, including:

    1. Multi-Vendor Automation
    2. A universal platform built to scale
    3. An Industrial-Strength Security Protocol
  • A SaaS/PaaS Implementation and Pricing Model makes costs and implementation easy for any business.  It is a LOW COST, LOW RISK Entry into the next generation Network Cyber Security and  IoT worlds.  Our solution:

    1. Avoids Capital-Intensive Retrofits.
    2. Makes expensive custom software development projects a thing of the past. That means minimal CAPEX for your business.
    3. Allows Off-Balance Sheet Accounting.  Our SaaS/PaaS module makes this soltuion a pure OPEX play, with ongoing monthly or quarterly payments.