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Real Network Security

Introspective Networks’ patented Secure Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP) hides and secures your data in the network. The IN solution is the first to securely utilize One-time-pad encryption – a method mathematically proven to be impossible to crack. STOP is also the first to use the network itself to hide data, arresting current Internet data capture and injection techniques.

Protection from Cyber Attack

Security concerns are moving to the forefront as Cloud Computing, “working remote” and the “Internet of Things” push more and more critical data across the public Internet. The public Internet is where data capture is freely available not only to law enforcement, but to anyone with the the know-how and/or correct level of access. This includes rogue states and, no doubt, criminal elements.

In the current world where spying on communications is considered regular work, people, companies and governments are becoming increasingly aware of security gaps and cyber attacks. Network cracks and hacks happen every day and every business is vulnerable. This has become front and center with the 2016 DNC email capture by a foreign state. The FBI called this kind of warrantless data gathering “routine” – really? The fact is this can be done by just about anyone with the right Internet or corporate network access. Most of the current solutions and prescriptions require “postmortem” inspection of data. What good is it to look at the security if it’s already being held for ransom?  STOP provides the ability to truly secure your networks from penetration by hiding the data.

With bilateral cyber spying activities and the non-stop emergence of security holes, network and cloud security are probably the largest problems any organization faces today. We’re even starting to see the emergence of “weaponizing” data to hobble and distract organizations. We saw this with the North Korean attack on Sony Studios and again with the leaks of DNC emails. Both of these were easy to accomplish using existing data gathering techniques.

Lastly, it’s become apparent that standard network encryption is either currently or soon to be obsolete. It’s been acknowledged by experts for some time that, with specialized vector processors and a large enough compute “farm”, AES256 can be defeated. Current technology for creating specialized processors, and the fact AES 256 is well known, supports this theory. Moreover, quantum processors are looming in the near future and the NSA states these may make current encryption completely obsolete. This means you no longer have to just worry about the NSA’s 1,500,000 sq. ft. campus in UT, but any criminal organization trying to steal information.

Fortunately, Introspective Networks has a hardened solution right now in STOP. This patented solution arrests the interception and injection of messages across the wire while providing the lowest possible latency solution – in short, it’s the fastest. Our Smoke line of secure products provides protection for communications, file transfers, secure connections and entire networks for any organization seeking the most powerful network security solution on the planet.