SmokeVPN does not just encrypt your data to the highest standards available, it actually hides it. Using Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Key Encryption, a new level of defense is created for your network and data in motion. By doing this, SmokeVPN creates a virtual smokescreen in your network removing all network borne attack vectors.

On top of making your data more secure, SmokeVPN is also simpler to manage. Because the key is streaming, the need for complex key management is eliminated.

SmokeVPN provides a simpler, easy to install, more secure VPN solution. This is also proactive cybersecurity security so, instead of studying how you were breached, you can relax with the knowledge your critical data is safe.

How It Works

SmokeVPN is based on the popular OpenVPN. To most administrators, the concepts and skills needed to manage the VPN network are well understood.

With SmokeVPN, a new generation of IP tunnel is used. Data ports are constantly changing and, if a location uses more than one carrier, the encrypted data and streaming key are sent across both while rotating at random.

SmokeVPN works in the network as a hub and spoke system. Servers can be delivered as a Cloud service or as a network appliance. SmokeVPN network appliances can be managed directly by your staff or outsourced as a service. Lastly, multiple network appliances can be employed for high availability.

Simplicity and Security

This simplicity also increases security. Because there is no small, short key to be stolen, SmokeVPN is not susceptible to someone quickly gaining access, stealing a key and then decrypting data remotely.

There is also the current looming threat of Quantum Computers and brute force attacks on current encryption. Recording data in a network is relatively trivial and, even if data is encrypted, it can always be decrypted later when processing power increases. SmokeVPN’s Streaming Key Encryption uses an ever changing key. For extreme high security, the Streaming Key is not calculated but derived from real world sources like temperature measured to a high level of precision. That high precision value is chaotically random and unpredictable.

SmokeVPN can not be recorded directly by any means known in the network. Currently, it’s very easy to record VPN and, most concerning, Cloud Service data from any Internet or WAN router. Man in the Middle recordings are also possible. As described, SmokeVPN moves data around in a way making this kind of recording impossible. Adding multiple carriers vastly increases even the theoretical difficulty of in network recording.

SDWAN Like Features

SmokeVPN has critical features similar to SD WAN. It can stripe across multiple carriers, provide autofailover and also load balancing. You get all these features in a solution that is networked and highly secure. So why bother with point to point SDWAN? With SmokeVPN you get a network of failover and high security.

SmokeVPN Products: Creating A SmokeVPN Network

SmokeVPN Servers

A SmokeVPN network starts with a network appliance server. This is the central hub for a smoke network. These are ready to use out of the box. Configuration and management is done through an easy to use UI. Provisioning of new connections could not be simpler creating quicker install times and eliminating the need for specialized technical knowledge.

The servers can be purchased directly or can be part of a managed service solution. The managed service solution takes all the worry out of working with the technology. IN will constantly monitor for problems, ensuring the servers are up and running properly.

If policy requires restricted access to the server, documentation and training are available. This will allow your staff to completely control deployed SmokeVPN servers.

SmokeVPN Clients

The other key component to a SmokeVPN network is the client. Both software and hardware clients are available

Software Clients

SmokeVPN software clients are available for Windows, Mac, or Linux. This allows servers, desktops and laptops to connect from the office, remotely, a datacenter or even supported Cloud Virtual Machines.

Hardware Clients

SmokeVPN Gateways eliminate the need to install client software on individual computers, making it possible for an entire office to share a single secure connection to the SmokeVPN server. SmokeVPN Gateways are available for purchase to use with either managed or unmanaged solutions.


The SmokeVPN SG2A and SG4A are gateways aimed at small to medium size offices. The SG2A has a connection for a single carrier while the SG4A can connect up to 3 carriers at once. Both have enough power to handle up to 50 computers. These gateways are also perfect for home use for remote users. They also can be used on a single server or computer to provide quick, easy access without the hassle of installing and managing software.

Like with the SmokeVPN servers, the gateways can be managed in house or as a service. The managed service allows businesses to quickly gain the benefits of SmokeVPN without the need for specialized experts.