Introspective Networks (IN) has created a series of products around its patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol or STOP technology. STOP creates a virtual smokescreen in your network. Using highly advanced Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques, all common forms of network attack are thwarted. Man in the Middle, Packet Spoofing and DoS attack vectors are all removed.


VPN has the same shortcomings as any other IP traffic – it is exposed to a multitude of network facing attacks. If the objective is to take your VPN down, it is really easy with current solutions. Add STOP to your VPN data transmission and you create a system that can traverse any IP network while being fully secured. Don’t wait until your VPN is attacked or ransomed – get SmokeVPN now.


Have you been frustrated by the maximum bandwidth of your encrypted data? Then you will welcome SmokeTunnel. Testing has confirmed SmokeTunnel can reach speeds of of 850mbps on a GigE interface. This is an order of magnitude faster than solutions using AES256 for encryption. This is accomplished because STOP uses only a single calculation for encryption. Click here to learn more about SmokeTunnel.


The easiest way to implement SmokeVPN or SmokeTunnel is with SmokeGate hardware. These units come pre-configured; ready to use out of the box. With a small form factor and fanless operation, SmokeGate provides protection for an entire location or easy, secure connectivity for remote computing.


Add a firewall to SmokeGate and you get powerful network protection for the entire office. SmokeWall can host a number of firewall solutions while using SmokeGate to create the company’s private network for your corporate data. SmokeWall is the only firewall that utilizes Moving Target Defense to protect data in the network.


SmokeLib is a software library implementation of STOP. Use SmokeLib to embed Smoke between two applications or create your own proprietary tunnels. With SmokeLib, developers can use their imagination to implement STOP technology in any way they see fit.


SSH or Secure Shell is of the greatest tools system administrators have. It one of the most secure products on the market. Its only weakness is network facing attack. With SmokeShell, you get all the goodness of SSH with the added security of STOP. This ensures the SSH data is protected not just at authentication but as it travels across the network. SmokeShell is a comprehensive solution to secure remote system administration.


When you need the confidentiality of a private room while on the road, StealthComms is the solution. Available for both Android and iOS, StealthComms is the only messenger that ensures your data cannot be easily recorded and discovered in the network. Data encrypted by conventional means can still be recorded. Once recorded, the data can be decrypted slowly over time or later when technologies like Quantum Computing deem key-based encryption trivial. StealthComms also keeps your data at rest private – by never storing it. Because your data is not recorded or stored, there is nothing to recover. If your device is lost or stolen, your past conversations on StealthComms are never exposed. Get the only messenger that is truly secure and confidential – StealthComms.