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Who We Are

Introspective Networks (IN) is a Cybersecurity company focusing on proactive cybersecurity. People and networks are the two points of failure in almost all data breaches. By securing data in the network and automating knowledge , vulnerabilities are not just decreased, they are removed. With the patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP) and Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems (PUMAS), IN is on the threshold of rewriting the rules for cybersecurity.

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STOP Network Vulnerabilities

Introspective Networks’ patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP) utilizes Moving Target Defense (MTD) and One Time Pad (OTP) to provide a level of data protection that eclipses current encryption techniques and is superior to traditional solutions. STOP uses MTD to solve the key exchange problem that has historically kept an OTP, the only provable form of uncrackable encryption, from being used directly in a network. On top of this, data is moved in the network and offset in both time and space to remove all known network attack vectors, such as data interception, data injection, and spoofing attacks. With STOP, a server, workstation, VM, Container, or IoT device can be configured to be invisible to the outside world even when hooked directly to the Internet and still retain point-to-point or VPN level network communications.

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History of the One Time Pad

The OTP, or One-Time Pad, also known as the Vernam cipher, is, according to the NSA, “perhaps one of the most important in the history of cryptography.”  If executed correctly, it provides uncrackable encryption.

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  Learn About The Technology

Introspective’s patented technologies are a big subject. Don’t fret though; we have you covered with a series of short videos (to the right). These are simple, no-nonsense tutorials. Please come back from time to time to check for new videos and updates. Knowledge is the first step to a more secure company.

Smoke Confidential

  • The Most Secure Messaging on the Planet

    Agile movement makes network data invisible creating the first Moving Target Defense.
    Hackers can’t get what they can’t see.

  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use

    Our no nonsense, professional interface gives you exactly what you need.
    No more, no less.

  • Smoke Confidential on All Your Devices

    Available on Android, iOS, and PC

  • Full Data Protection

    In motion, data is hidden and double encrypted using patented STOP technology.
    At rest, data is, by default, never stored so it can’t be accessed later.

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Smoke Product Line

  • Smoke Stack

    SmokeStack is a software library implementation of STOP. Use SmokeStack to embed Smoke between two applications or create your own proprietary tunnels. With SmokeStack, developers can use their imagination to implement STOP technology in any way they see fit.

  • Smoke Shell

    SSH or Secure Shell is of the greatest tools system administrators have. It one of the most secure products on the market. Its only weakness is network facing attack. With SmokeShell, you get all the goodness of SSH with the added security of STOP. This ensures the SSH data is protected not just at authentication but as it travels across the network. SmokeShell is a comprehensive solution to secure remote system administration.

  • Smoke Net

    VPN has the same shortcomings as any other IP traffic – it is exposed to a multitude of network facing attacks. If the objective is to take your VPN down, it is really easy with current solutions. Add STOP to your VPN data transmission and you create a system that can traverse any IP network while being fully secured. Don’t wait until your VPN is attacked or ransomed – get SmokeNet now! Click to learn more about our two and four port gateways for securing an entire office or home.

  • Smoke Wall

    Add a firewall to SmokeNet and you get powerful network protection for the entire office. SmokeWall can host a number of firewall solutions while using SmokeNet to create the company’s private network for your corporate data. SmokeWall is the only firewall that utilizes Moving Target Defense to protect data in the network.

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Latest News

Patents Filed

IP Inc. has filed two non-provisional patents: the first is a STREAMING ONE TIME PAD CIPHER… for Network Security which is the heart of our Quantum Network Security offering. The second is GENERIC DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING UNIT… technology that powers our Machine-to-Machine system intelligence. Priority filing was done by NIXON &Read More...

Ellery Buchanan Accepts Seat On The Board of Directors

Ellery has served as Founder and/or CEO of multiple technology based ventures. The core of his experience is based in nanotechnology and semiconductor equipment, though most recently he served as CEO of RenewData Corp. – an electronic discovery, email archiving and compliance company. Prior to that Ellery founded and operatedRead More...

Patent Search Rebuttal Complete

Introspective Power has finished the rebuttal to both patent searches and have found no major barriers. The company is now proceeding forward with full, expedited filings.
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