IPi Granted M2M (Internet of Things) Patent by USPTO

Introspective Power is pleased to announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for its Generic Distributed Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems (PUMAS). The first-of-its-kind M2M patent, #8,898,218 has been granted for PUMAS’ unique method of intelligent, real-time automation of distributed, heterogeneous systems that make up a larger multi-agent business ecosystems. PUMAS is a secure, robust, scalable and elastic M2M control plane for mission critical wide area, real-time processing.

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IPi Continues to Win Department of Defense Contracts

IPi has won a 5th circuit from DISA/DITCO. This is a 3 year, $375K award. This brings the company’s total wins from DISA/DITCO to over $1.7M. Contracts vary between 3-5 years. This circuit is being serviced with IPi’s partner Huntleigh Technology Group. The two companies are using IPi’s Network Intelligence Services (NIS) for circuit management. This helps both companies better facilitate data and information sharing while providing structure to the circuit life cycle process.

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Patents Filed

IP Inc. has filed two non-provisional patents: the first is a STREAMING ONE TIME PAD CIPHER… for Network Security which is the heart of our Quantum Network Security offering. The second is GENERIC DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING UNIT… technology that powers our Machine-to-Machine system intelligence. Priority filing was done by NIXON & VANDERHYE P.C. These inventions work together to create the highly secure core of IP Inc’s PUMAS Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology.