Introspective Networks IC Messenger Goes Public

Introspective Networks has started a public beta of the IC secure messaging service. It’s the first application to use the company’s patented STOP technology for network data encryption. This seminal technology uses symmetric, uncrackable encryption directly and automatically in a network. In short, IC is the most secure communication mechanism on the planet – period.

IC is currently developed for Android, Apple and Chrome. Search for “IC Secure Messaging” from any of the app stores.

Introspective Networks Joins Overture’s Harmony Partner Ecosystem

Introspective Networks and Overture Networks are working together to enable Introspective Networks’ patented STOP technology on Overture software-defined services (SDS) platforms. This will allow Introspective Networks to deliver and resell STOP-based IPSec, VPN and firewall services on Overture’s carrier-class hardware platforms.

As part of this effort, Introspective Networks has joined the Overture Harmony Partner Ecosystem. Harmony is an ecosystem of hardware, software and services partners focused on accelerating service providers’ automation and virtualization initiatives.

The Harmony Partner Ecosystem enables an open environment, which is essential for the realization of software-defined services (SDS.) It allows service providers to select best-of-breed components with confidence they will work together seamlessly.

Introspective Networks will start rolling out products on Overture SDS-enabled equipment in Q1 2016.

IPi’s Cyber Security Protocol Accepted by USPTO

IPi proud to announce the acceptance of a USPTO patent for its Streaming One Time Pad (SOTP) encryption protocol.  The IPi solution is the first to securely utilize a symmetric One Time Pad (OTP) across a network – a cipher that is mathematically impossible crack. The protocol uses the network to help obfuscate the data, making interception and deciphering of messages across a given communication channel impossible.  Moreover, SOTP provides the lowest latency of any encryption technique currently in use.  SOTP has applications in a myriad of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, defense, finance, and energy. When combined with IPi’s patented Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems (PUMAS) technology, a next generation, fully secure Distributed Intelligence Platform is realized.