Introspective Network’s Smoke Confidential Receives Technology Readiness Level 7 from the USAF

BROOMFIELD, CO — Jan. 4th, 2017 — Introspective Network’s Smoke Confidential has received a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 “System prototype demonstration in an operational environment” from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Information Directorate at Rome, NY .  Based on the Department of Defense definitions, TRL 7 is established as “Prototype near or at planned operational system.”

“This assessment confirms that Introspective Networks is producing user-ready products that can address the need to communicate sensitive information very securely while on the go, a long-standing challenge for large organizations that deal with critical information,” said Brig Gen (Ret.) Ian Dickinson, USAF, a member of Introspective Networks’ Board of Directors.

Introspective Network’s Smoke Confidential messenger is a next generation messenger service built on patented STOP technology enabling polymorphic data encryption and networking.  These methods provide a fully secure, Moving Target Defense (MTD) against not only current hacking techniques but also the rapidly approaching threat of quantum computing attacks.

“Introspective Networks Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP), is a cyber security technique to protect data in motion like no other available today,” said Anthony Thompson, Founder and President of Introspective Networks.  “STOP provides MTD (Moving Target Defense) using multiple layers of techniques that shifts data in both time and space in a way that is unpredictable. This Moving Target Defense method combine with One Time Pad encryption provides the most secure protection available for data in motion. It completely defeats all known data capture, injection and encryption cracking techniques.”

Smoke Confidential messenger is available today via the Apple App Store and Google Play. By leveraging STOP and additional patented technologies, Introspective Networks is expanding its product portfolio to File Transfer (including voice and video) point-to-point connections as well as a Virtual Private Network capability to provide an efficient way to protect an entire network of systems quickly and easily.  

“In addition to retail availability, Introspective Networks’ ability to offer customized white label messenger apps leveraging STOP technology creates another unique and compelling option for our partners” said Zach Nebergall SVP of Business Development.  “This allows customers that want to use our technology but need to retain their own branding for their communication products to do so”

The cost of cybercrime continues to grow rapidly and average losses to companies globally are greater than $9.5 million annually according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.  Moreover, the NSA has warned that quantum computing could render current encryption defenses obsolete in the next few years driving additional urgency for next-generation network and data security solutions like those developed by Introspective Networks.

“Introspective Networks robust portfolio of intellectual property has driven interest from a number of customer verticals and has been key in attracting early traction with anchor customers” said Scott Reardon Managing Director – Finance of Introspective Networks.



Introspective Networks (IN) is a Cybersecurity company focusing on securing data in the network and automating knowledge work to decrease vulnerability points to critical infrastructure. With the patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP), IN is on the threshold of rewriting the rules for network encryption.

STOP leverages symmetric encryption and patented technology, impervious to current data collection techniques combined with “port hopping”.  Port hopping is akin to frequency hopping – a technique for hiding radio transmissions.


The automation is handled by our patented Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems (PUMAS). PUMAS is a fully architected solution that allows business ecosystems to grow in complexity and scale quickly and easily.  PUMAS is a simple, consolidated stack that removes the madness of multi-vendor integration.  Introspective is positioning to be  THE cloud-based platform of the IoT space. When combined with STOP, a next generation data protection for network data an industrial level cloud platform is created for the Internet of Things.


Broomfield, CO — August 31, 2016 — Introspective Networks, (IN), developers of IC Secure Messaging® and their patented STOP® cyber security technology, has welcomed Ian R. Dickinson, Brigadier General, US Air Force (Retired) to its Board of Directors.  General Dickinson brings nearly three decades of military, academic, and information technology business experience to this position.

General Dickinson was the Director of Communications and Information at Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.  He was responsible for organizing, training, and equipping the Air Force’s space and cyber forces with communications and information capability, enabling 14th and 24th Air Forces to support US Strategic Command and US Cyber Command. General Dickinson also acted on behalf of the Commander, Air Force Space Command, as the Air Force’s Designated Accrediting Authority for systems connecting to the Air Force network and for the Air Force Space Command $11.4 billion space and cyberspace mission system portfolio.

As a business development adviser, Gen. Dickinson’s knowledge, command experience, and relationships will aid Introspective Networks as they proceed through validation, acceptance, and procurement of STOP® digital asset and communications protection-based products and services. Gen. Dickinson’s understanding of Air Force Cybersecurity needs will guide Introspective Networks in meeting emerging mission critical network requirements.

As a technology adviser, Gen. Dickinson’s academic background contributes to meeting technical requirements inherent in DoD-validated C4ISR and communications needs.  He has Master’s Degrees in Computer Science and Public Policy as well as squadron, group, and wing commands leading Joint/DoD data and communications networks.

Introspective Networks President and  CEO Anthony Thompson – “We are excited to have someone of General Dickinson’s background and stature join the IN team.  Bringing General Dickinson to our Board represents the transformation occurring at Introspective Networks as we turn our technology from patents to marketed products.  We feel a strong commitment to delivering our next generation data protection to the Department of Defense cyber mission. General Dickinson is instrumental in effectively carrying out that company directive.”

Introspective Networks VP of Government Programs Tom Cappelletti – “ We are very honored to have General Dickinson join our Board of Directors.  General Dickinson brings our company a wealth of transformational knowledge and leadership from the Air Force and Joint DoD cybersecurity and network communication enterprise.  Our team’s commitment to providing our AFCYBER and Joint CYBERCOM customers with new and innovative technology to secure our nation’s most important networks is enhanced immediately with General Dickinson as a senior adviser for our efforts and direction.”

IC Secure Messaging® by Introspective Networks is a secure communications application for iOS, Android, and Chrome devices.  IC Secure Messaging® provides military grade communication and file transfer protection using a patented STOP® cyber security technology.  To learn more visit  Introspective Networks, 13250 Wild Basin Way, Broomfield, CO 80020, (866) 469-4132,

Third Patent Granted

Introspective Networks is proud to announce the forthcoming issuance of its third patent on June 28th, 2016. This adds further validation and property protection for the company’s PUMAS platform. The company has, in under three years, received 3 patents. For a startup, this is almost unheard of and speaks volumes about the value the USPTO sees in the company’s technologies.

This patent, applications #US 14/171,375, not only expands the patent protection but also ties back to the provisional patent giving PUMAS a patent protection priority going back to February 1st, 2013.