Anthony Scott Thompson, President and Founder:

Anthony has led teams and projects with multi-million dollar budgets for one of the worlds largest telecommunications companies. In 2006, he built the first SaaS transport provisioning system for Internet 2. In 2007-2008, he led a team responsible for the integration of 6 acquired companies’ provisioning and data collection systems that saved Level 3 billions over time. He continued improving and reselling these as SaaS offerings to large corporate customers who wanted to self manage their networks. Mr. Thompson’s vision and leadership provided a constant stream of revenue and cost savings in every endeavor he’s undertaken. He is now applying these skills to patent protected technologies that are poised to revolutionize the digital world we live in.

Mr. Thompson has guided Introspective (Introspective Power, Inc.) from concept to a C-Corp company with $2 Million in revenue and seven patent grants with more in flight. He is a true gen X outlier. As a young teen, he was a beta tester for the original Apple lines and had a home terminal to ARPANET. This combination of events captured his imagination. He has gone on to study parallel and distributed systems at University of Colorado under Dr. Gita Alaghband; one of the foremost authorities on the subject, earning a post graduate degree in Computer Science.

Dr. Nicole Nemer, VP of Software Development:

Dr. Nemer has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Missouri with a focus on artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. She has worked with Anthony solving critical routing problems for the telecommunications industry. She has a strong understanding of route automation along with optimizing decision logic and a wide breadth of experience from back end systems/services all the way to mobile apps. She provides the team with high level of technical experience combined with practical know-how at the highest levels. She has a wealth of experience working on military and government projects.

Brian Mielke, VP of Network Development:

Brian has been overseeing world class solutions solving some of the most pressing and complex issues facing network providers. For nearly 20 years, Brian’s leadership and creativity have helped simplify the management of global networks. He has been intimately involved in design and development of key systems. Brian’s experience and education provides him with the real world understanding of the issues facing telecommunications as well as other industries with similar issues. Brian and Anthony have worked together since 2006 nurturing a productive long-term relationship. Brian has advanced degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Colorado, focusing on Geophysics and Telecommunications respectively.

Steven Cummings, Director of Network Solutions:

Steven has spent a majority of his career building and managing networks and has earned degrees in Electronics and Information Technology. He served a successful term in the U.S. Air Force, where he held a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, working on networks supporting missions globally. After the USAF, he moved on to manage groups deploying large, wide area networks for some of the country’s largest providers, later focusing on creating software minimizing the potential for human error on critical systems, where outages or errors can have devastating impacts on emergency services, financial markets, and corporate networks, as well as military and government communications. He has hands on experience developing network automation capabilities. Nearly two decades of experience with both military and civilian networks and equipment, along with introduction to computers and programming at a young age have contributed to his success. Steven has worked with Anthony developing software since 2008.

Jack M. Jackson, Treasurer:

Jack received an MBA from the University of Minnesota with concentrations in Finance and Strategic Management and a Bachelors in Business Administration – Finance from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. For the last 20 years, he has held numerous positions at Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device manufacturer. He has held Finance roles supporting Treasury, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, and General Management in Minneapolis, MN; Lausanne, Switzerland; and Louisville, CO. Jack is currently the Finance Director for the Medtronic Neurosurgery Business with revenue of $1 Billion. Neurosurgery provides products for cranial and spine surgeries such as surgical navigation software and inter-operative imaging products. Jack brings a collaborative and cross-functional approach toward growing technology businesses.

Lt Col Thomas Cappelletti, USAFR (ret), DoD Liaison and Acquisition Subject Matter Expert:

Thomas is our DoD expert and Acquisition Management SME. He has a comprehensive 25 year resume of experience as an aviator, officer, Program Manager, and Air Operations Manager in all facets of the worldwide Aerospace Industry. He has worked as a Test Program Manager, Aircraft Commander and DCMA Government Flight Representative during a distinguished 24 year USAF career. He also has worked as a Consultant to high profile Attorneys and Corporate Officers as the President of Professional Jet Aviation Consultants, a Colorado based concern he founded in 2001. He holds a BSME from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an FAA ATP licence. He is also a DAWIA Level II Certified Program Manager and is fluent in French.