Get On the Network They Can’t See

Introspective Networks has been working over the last three years developing, patenting and perfecting its Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol or STOP. With STOP, data is hidden in time and space to ensure it is not only encrypted; but not even visible. Multiple data streams are constantly moving in the network making it next to impossible to decipher what is what. This movement can be across logical ports, IP addresses, separate networks or even geographically diverse paths. Nothing is in the same place or ever sent at the same time. Using current techniques, the data in the network can not be recorded. It’s like a shell game played on multiple tables in multiple rooms with each pea being only one part of a part of the data needed to decrypt the information.

STOP protects the company’s Smoke line of products including Smoke Messaging, File Transfer and VPN. Smoke is a product line that is available now utilizing the STOP technology vetted by the USPTO.