Introspective Networks (IN) is a Cybersecurity company focusing on securing data in the network and automating knowledge work to decrease vulnerability points to critical infrastructure. With the patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP) and Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems (PUMAS), IN is on the threshold of rewriting the rules for network security and automation.

STOP uses proven, uncrackable One Time Pad encryption combined with “port hopping”. Port hopping can be done with physical or virtual ports. Some basic physics are used to hide the data in the network in both Time and Space (quite literally). This creates a puzzle that, when implemented fully, is virtually unsolvable. This technique also removes the possibility of Denial of Service, Man in the Middle and Injection attacks.

PUMAS is a complete distributed automation solution that allows businesses to grow and scale quickly and easily.  PUMAS is a simple, consolidated stack that removes the madness of multi-vendor integration.  IN is positioning to be THE cloud-based platform of the IoT. When combined with STOP, an impenetrable, industrial level cloud platform is created for the Industrial Internet of Things.

IN is headquartered in beautiful Colorado, USA.  Our founding team is composed of vets of computer science, telecommunications and business. The team has over 100 years of combined experience and know-how.

IN is focused on providing security to communications, data and the worlds most vulnerable infrastructures.

Please contact us:

(866) 469-4132